5 star hotel case study architecture

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5 star hotel case study architecture

The Fitzgerald family was owned for hundreds of years and was passed down for several generations, however in the it was purchased by a developers and turned into a hotel. The house itself is in a beautiful Gothic style and the new build was made inwhich replaced the older run down family home.

The design of the lastly built house was designed by Romayne Walker and the construction is mainly in unrefined rubble stone with a great Irish style.

The castle is well known and an old key was found with its beautiful look and feeling it keeps a great ambiance and remains culturally valuable despite the commercial use it came to exist under. Waterford — A Historic Place Waterford is placed on the southeastern region of Ireland and it carries a lot of heritage and history.

Discovered in the early s A. D with some of the original buildings still in tact. What is there to do in Waterford?

5 star hotel case study architecture

Why not take yourself on an adventure down the Waterford Greenery? Enjoy stunning scenery as you explore on foot or cycling through this truly magical place. Or why not visit the Viking Triangle?

Based in Waterford city the Viking Triangle is filled with interesting shops and architecture. Other attractions include the beautiful seaside and the Ardmore Cliff Walk and multiple museums for you to lose yourself in. Wateford truly is a beautiful place and not to be missed.

Looking for natural and untouched beauty? Look no further than Waterford, Irelands oldest city. With an excellent night life filled with live music and fantastic pubs, enjoy a Guinness stout and take in the fresh Waterford air at one of the many pubs across all areas of the city.

The riches of an untouched landscape For the most beautiful natural scenery, and to experience being close to the land, the little island is indeed a place to visit.

There are few areas in the world today untouched by modern society, and the grounds which the historical castle is situated is most definitely one of these.

Untouched by the modern development, with the exception of a few luxury cabins and a golf course, the riches of the land lay silent and untouched. Finding yourself on these rich green fields, or in their brushes is a privilege of the dearest kind, and here you will be able to hear the land speak.

The air of the little island is inhabited with the scent of earth and greenery, such as can only be found in naturally rich ecosystems which have been left to develop alongside our modern life, without being ruined by it.

5 star hotel case study architecture

Living in one of the cabins developed by private investors if you are a golfer will allow you to travel though the course across the over three hundred acres of natural greenery whilst enjoying the activity of the game.Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures.

Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of attheheels.comical civilizations are often .

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Welcome to Waterford Castle. This castle is a house with a long story in an island ironically known as the little Island in Ireland. The Fitzgerald family was owned for hundreds of years and was passed down for several generations, however in the it was purchased by a developers and turned into a hotel.

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