A debate on the controversy of the vietnam veterans memorial

Maya Lin and Jan Scruggs holding the winning design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial The Controversy Early on in the effort to get the Memorial built, there were traces of controversy. Some felt that the money to build a memorial could be better spent delivering the many services veterans needed. Others questioned the intent of the Memorial.

A debate on the controversy of the vietnam veterans memorial

Share Shares The Vietnam War was one of the most controversial conflicts in recent history. InShelton was flying a recon mission over Laos when his plane was shot down.

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At first, he kept in radio contact with the Air Force. But then radio contact stopped, and it was the last time Shelton was officially heard from. There were, however, plenty of unofficial stories about just what happened to him. Some stories say that he was taken prisoner but survived his ordeal.

Some go so far as to suggest he killed his torturer, securing his life in the face of a foe impressed by his bravery. The family heard other stories—that he was actually alive and well in California but forbidden to make contact with them as he was under government protection.

The colonel was to become a symbol for all the others whose fates were unknown, but it would take its toll on his family.

When the weapon made it into the hands of those who were in the middle of combat, it failed spectacularly. Recently declassified army documents show that 80 percent of troops reported having issues with the weapon.

ByCongressional subcommittees were exploring the issue further, wading through testing, memos, and red tape while the war continued. Meanwhile, troops in the field were finding other problems with the rifle. Ultimately, the subcommittee investigation found that the army was at fault for failing to train troops on the new weapon and not performing proper testing of the weapon and ammunition before passing them along—bringing up some serious questions of responsibility within the system.

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In his memoirs, Johnson refers to the failed diplomatic effort, but just what happened is still up for debate. Not much is known for certain about the talks, including who started them and why they ended.

Most of the available information about Operation Marigold is still pretty shady, coming largely from newspaper reports based on information gained from unofficial leaks. Previously classified documents are slowly coming to light, like the papers written by Jerzy Michalowski, one of the Polish operatives involved in setting up the peace talks.

A debate on the controversy of the vietnam veterans memorial

They document discussions between Poland and the Soviet Union, in which Moscow supported the peace talks; they also tell of visits to Beijing, where China would have no part in the idea of talks. Operation Marigold seems to have been incredibly close to ending the Vietnam conflict.

Meetings were scheduled between diplomats in Warsaw, terms and conditions were outlined, parties had agreed to meet.

But from there, things get a bit muddled: Chronologies get confused, and whole sections are missing from various accounts that document just what happened. It seems like each side had been waiting to contact the other, Polish attempts at getting the Americans and the North Vietnamese into direct contact failed, and during it all, US troops continued their raids on Hanoi and the North.

Ultimately, the talks failed, and the war continued. We may never know how close we were to peace. Family members of the men who were on board say that they were soldiers deployed during the Vietnam War. But family members say otherwise, pointing to a list of handpicked mission members that were assembled from military bases across the country.

Government files indicate that some of the men were communications advisers, supply sergeants, and nothing more. There were no distress calls, no radio communications, and no sign that there was anything wrong until the plane simply stopped responding.

Family members have been pushing to get the names of their loved ones listed on the Vietnam Memorial wall in Washington, but the government has been stubbornly silent about just what role the men had played. Throughout World War II, The served as a noncommissioned police officer in the Japanese military, where his anti-communist and anti-colonialist attitudes were firmly cemented.

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InThe—along with several thousand supporters—defected from the French Army with the intention of creating the Union of Nationalist Forces of Vietnam. This third party would have been striking out against both the communist parties and those with their sights on colonialism.

The was killed by a sniper on a Saigon street inbut no one knows just who fired the shot or who ordered it. At the time, it was suspected that The was in the process of giving in to pressure from his financial backers and looking to join the South Vietnamese army in Saigon.

Among them were three American volunteers who had been working at a Vietnamese leper hospital.Experience the evolution of the Vietnam Wall controversy by reading through a chronological list of documents divided into five rounds: 1: Making the Case, Vietnam veteran Jan Scruggs initiates a hard-fought battle to build a Vietnam War Memorial, finally convincing Congress to appropriate land for a memorial that would be .

Subtle but attheheels.com Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on attheheels.com Feb 28,  · The Vietnam War was one of the most controversial conflicts in recent history. In a time when men had no choice but to fight a war overseas for reasons that many of their friends and family didn’t even understand, few were able to separate the soldier from the war.

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Vietnam Women's Memorial Dedicated in Washington, D.C. by Marti Pecukonis, RN. Reprinted by permission from MNA “Were you my nurse?” asked a Vietnam vet I had never seen before. Donate via Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation PO Box Priest River, ID

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