Advertising of fevicol brand ppt

Fevicol is one such brand. Sold in its signature blue and white packaging, this legacy brand is a generic name in the adhesive category in India, and is a familiar sight in most households. The primary application of white glue was in woodworking, with secondary applications in upholstery, flooring, and footwear. This was at a time when unwieldy natural adhesives which needed to be melted before use were the norm in the wood furniture making industry.

Advertising of fevicol brand ppt

Pinterest Email In this article you will learn the basics on how to start adhesive and glues manufacturing business. Manufacturing is a term used in the production of products as adhesives and glues. It basically starts from the raw materials needed up to the time finish products are produced and usually in large scale.

Adhesives and glues are part of our daily living and the use of this products dates many years back. If you are somebody who wants to venture into doing business and be able to gain financial independence then this is a must try business to indulge yourself in. Learn the basics in doing business by studying all the peripherals of the business.

Read magazines and books about the industry you would like to get into. Enroll and entrepreneurship classes in a local university. Being certified makes you most qualified to enter into the demanding would of business. Develop a business plan for your adhesive and glues manufacturing business.

There are ready available templates in business plan making, you can make use of this stuffs rather than starting it from scratch. Be sure to make a business plan that is not so complicated and achievable for you. Know how much start-up capital you may need to invest in your manufacturing business.

It may require you to apply for a business loan from any of the financial institutions. You will be required to submit documents from these institutions such as your business plan, bank statements and credit history from the present up to the last two — three years back, etc.

This is necessary for your loan to be approved. Location is also important in any business venture. You have to be accessible to your possible clients. Look for a place where you can start your manufacturing business. If you have a property which you can convert into a place for the production of your business then it can work into your advantage, if none you will be required to look for a larger place so that it can accommodate all the machines and equipments you will need.

Licenses and permits in the operation of your adhesive and glues manufacturing business is also a must. Inquire from your local or state licensing division what are the requirements and possible restrictions in the operation of your business.

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Finally, have your business insured.The Nestlé logo evolution. Henri Nestlé was one of the first Swiss manufacturers to build up a brand with the help of a logo. The original Nestlé trademark was based on his family's coat of arms, which featured a single bird sitting on a nest.

This was a reference to the . Zauba is a platform that helps businesses reduce risks involved in import and export trade.

Advertising of fevicol brand ppt

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