An analysis of the shape of the earth becoming more fragile

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An analysis of the shape of the earth becoming more fragile

COM Unbeknownst to most of humanity, the Earth is shaped like a disc, rather flat on the top with a convex lens-like bulge at the bottom. In short, atop the Earth is Mt. The notion that the Earth is a relatively flat disc-shaped object was also held by the aboriginal cultures of the Americas who believed that the flat Earth was domed by the firmament i.

The Sumerian sky-god An ruled the "heavens" which were separated from the flat disc of the earth below, inferring that there are indeed two sides to the Earth.

Consequently, the Sumerianswhich are an alias of the Greco-Romans, also believed that the universe consisted of a flat disk enclosed by a dome.

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Oblate Spheroid According to scientists from NOAAthe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationthe true shape of the Earth approximates an oblate spheroid —a sphere flattened along the axis from pole to pole with a bulge around the equator. This particular notion was central to the Greeks and Stoics who adopted a model of celestial spheres after the discovery of the spherical Earth in the 4th to 3rd centuries BC.

The myth that the Earth is a basketball-like shape was only adopted during the Middle Ages. To what degree the Earth is an oblate spheroid is not currently known, but it likely mimics the discus-like shape of Earth found in Greco-Roman art.

Discus of Earth The disc-like spherical Earth was likely the single most important issue to the Greco-Roman Empire who were hell bent on world domination, a feat they unfortunately achieved.

Consequently, the disc-like shape of Earth is found throughout in their respective art and culture. The classical Greek sculptor Polyclitus created Discophorosa marble statue featuring a male holding a disc. Diskobolus by Myron is another famous Greek sculpture which also depicts a Greco-Roman male holding a disc.

That being said, the discus throw was a Greco-Roman sport which was one of the events of the Greek pentathlon. A discus is also depicted on the Discobolus Motif as well as the Discobolus Kleomelos Louvreboth of which feature a male holding an oversized disc in a non-sportsman-like manner.

Due to its importance in Greco-Roman culture, there are at least 60 Roman-English terms e. In other words, the Earth is roughly three times as wide as it is deep, keeping in line with the oblate spheroid theory.


Consequently, the aforementioned symbols of Pi or Phi i. Although geologists state that Ayers Rock is dominantly composed of coarse-grained arkose which is white and grey in color, Ayers Rock is unmistakably rust-colored which confirms that it is indeed iron based.

This notion was confirmed, albeit in a de facto manner, by the Northern Territory Geological Survey which found that when relatively fresh, Ayers Rock has a grey color. However, due to weathering of the iron-bearing minerals via the process of oxidationthe outer surface layer of Ayers Rock exhibits a red-brown rusty color.

Although Ayers Rock is not iron it oxidizes due to the iron-bearing minerals found within it. Needless to say, minerals cannot oxide if they are not iron. If Ayers Rock was not solid iron, the non-iron parts of the rock would clearly be evident as they would lack the rusty-like color due to lack of oxidation.

This is not the case as the entire rock exhibits a uniform rust color indicative of iron. Despite differing greatly in size, Greenland and Ayers Rock exhibit the same general shape.

Aside from confirming that the two are opposite ends of the same pole, it can be deduced that if Ayers Rock is iron, Greenland is as well.The Earth's climate system is highly nonlinear: inputs and outputs are not proportional, change is often episodic and abrupt, rather than slow and gradual, and multiple equilibria are the norm.

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An analysis of the shape of the earth becoming more fragile

Why is earth a fragile planet? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into it? However, to support the increasing number of people living on earth, we need more and.

Show More News US news World news This in turn would cause sea levels to rise by and estimated 7m and could change the shape of Florida, as shown by the second picture.

An analysis of the shape of the earth becoming more fragile

Fragile Earth is.

Planet Earth a Fragile Oasis, Astronauts Say