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Mary Star of the Sea SMSS School joined the Covered Schools Initiative, which provides a team of Big Shoulders staff and consultants to collaborate with the school on enrollment marketing, financial planning, scholarships, academics, and more.

Enrollment has increased 49 percent since —15, the deficit has decreased 42 percent, and 96 percent of graduates chose a Catholic or quality public high school.

Born and raised in the SMSS community, alumna, former teacher, and current Principal Candice Usauskas shares the ways Big Shoulders programs affect her day-to-day activities. The overall culture of the school has changed, and people are coming back home.

When dealing with financial, ethical, or legal issues, my confidence is strong due to the course work I have participated in through the Leadership Development Program. The network of fellow principals has been accessible in times of need.

If I have a concern about discipline or a school policy, it is reassuring to have a support group. Keeping up to date on trends and research will help make our school strong.

The entire Big Shoulders educational team is looking out for us as principals to ensure we are at the top of our game. Last summer we purchased new textbooks for grades six through eight.

As part of the Math Initiative and its collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago, we receive the support of a math coach for the middle school teacher. The program allows us to work in a network of schools that have the same goal: The teacher receives professional development and collaboration and incorporates ideas she acquires into daily lessons.

I am impressed to see the changes in her teaching style. She is more child-centered. The children own their lessons. The level of their math discussions has expanded. The Big Shoulders Fund Data Analysis Initiative provides SMSS with coaching on how data can best inform instruction, including a value-added model and surveys that gauge school progress from year to year.

Thanks to the Data Analysis Initiative, we can use our professional development time to learn about the components of the test. We have begun to use data from the interim assessments to further drive student instruction and prioritized writing as an area for improvement.

Last year SMSS was rated strong or very strong in all five areas. We surveyed teachers and students, and this year I hope to include parents. It is critical to have a strong school community with opportunities for interaction and feedback.

I usually start my day by 6: I also walk through the school each morning for a quick assessment of the day, touching base with children struggling with assignments or specific subjects.

Monday evenings I often have planning meetings at school, and the marketing strategies I have acquired from Big Shoulders leadership have helped me more effectively get our name out to the public. Planning for fundraising is a large task, which takes time to build.

I know that help is only a phone call away. Soon we will plan how best to use our Big Shoulders Fund Summer Fellow to help build enrollment and attract more community interest in our school.Andrell Education.

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• Assessment / Marking / Report Writing & proofreading / Parents-Teacher Conference days • Organising and chaperoning educational visits and residential trips Primary Mathematics CoordinatorTitle: Lower Prep Coordinator (Years 3 .

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Andrell Education Ltd. 01 Jun Spiral bound. Try AbeBooks. Big Writing Lesson Plans. Ros Wilson. 01 Feb Spiral bound.

andrell education big writing assessments

Notify me. Big Writing Adventures: Year 3/Primary 4: Subscription. reflected in Ros Wilson’s Big Reading and Big Writing formerly The Criterion Scale Home Andrell Education November 16th, - Andrell Education is the home of Big Maths and Big Writing The Reading Criterion Scale charts Oxford Owl November 16th, - 32 Oxfor Assesse amp Levelli ie Andrell Education.

andrell education big writing assessments

Incorporated into the many classrooms practising student Big Writing composition, another tool that is flowing out across primary classrooms with the support of teachers, is the colour coded VCOP system (Andrell Education, ). Originating out of the UK, this simple system encourages students to frequently self-analyse and improve their.

Information and tools for high school students to use when choosing a college. Published by the U.S. Department of Education.

Big Future by The College Board Students who are interested in applying for admission to college should consider taking more writing-intensive courses throughout high school. These may not be an entrance.

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