Assessment bsbhrm501b

The minimum education level is Year 12 or an equivalent. Student can enroll each week except for public and scheduled holidays. Courses last for a total of 24 week with 20 teaching weeks and 4 weeks of holiday.

Assessment bsbhrm501b

This consultation will provide information regarding the human resources services needs of the teams and departments that they manage. On the other hand, it is important to gain the perspective and support of line managers, who have a more direct relationship with customer-facing staff and often a more intimate knowledge of operations.

If it is your responsibility to propose recommendations for HR changes, you will need to consult with a wide range of people: Consultation methods There are a number of consultation methods that human resources professionals can use to obtain information from managers regarding their human resources service needs.

These include the following. Meetings are most effective for obtaining information regarding the specific needs of a team or department.

They are also an excellent opportunity to engage managers in the design of the human resources strategy which will often prove to be beneficial during implementation. Managers that are consulted with during the design phase often feel like a valuable contributor and then are more likely to actively support a successful implementation.

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A one-on-one meeting is for situations where feedback is obtained by speaking with one person at a time. This is particularly important when trying to obtain very specific feedback or when the subject matter maybe confidential or controversial and feedback where people might be uncomfortable sharing the information with others or speaking in groups.

Focus groups are used to consult with groups of people. They are often the most time efficient method for obtaining information from large departments that have several managers responsible for teams of employees who all do the same thing.

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For example, a focus group could be used to consult with managers in a call centre where the team members complete the same role under the same work conditions. Surveys are an excellent tool for obtaining information from large groups of managers regarding their human resources needs. Surveys to obtain information regarding human resources requirements could include the following questions.

Consulting with managers Consider your organisation, or an organisation you would like to research. Develop a survey that you could provide to managers or other stakeholders to obtain information regarding their human resources service requirements.

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It is important that human resources professionals understand the different options available to allow them to develop customised HR service delivery models that are beneficial to the organisation they support.

These may be described as the traditional approach and the Dave Ulrich Model. Traditional approaches to HR In the traditional HR model, HR is a single team, comprised of generalists, specialists and administration.

HR may be comprised of a single team of HR generalists, as is common in smaller organisations. In larger organisations, HR service delivery may be more specialised.

HR service delivery may be organised into HR specialists such as industrial relations experts, recruitment experts or training experts and administration, or several teams organised by business units or locations in accordance with the corporate strategy.

The traditional HR model — in contrast with the Dave Ulrich model discussed below — may be characterised as administration-focused. Principally, HR provides essential services to the business, as decided by the business, which then is enabled to perform the real work and achieve the vision of the organisation.

Assessment bsbhrm501b

It is important to note that the traditional, administrative-focussed, less strategically engaged model of HR is still very common in many organisations. In the traditional HR model, the focus is on performing administrative tasks or providing expert advice to, and services for, line managers.

The focus of the Ulrich model is on partnering with managers at all levels to deliver services in the best way possible to help them meet the needs of the business — to recruit the right people, performance manage staff and meet customer needs.

The model is organised into three elements: The diagram below summarises the Ulrich model: The main addition within the Ulrich model is the prominence of business partnering, which is given its own element in the Ulrich model. Note that particular organisations may take their own distinctive approaches to HR service delivery to meet particular needs.July Qualification Guide Chris Gribble Dec.

Chris Gribble 8 Human Resource Management (HRM) BSBHRMB Manage human resources services BSBHRMA Manage human resources management information systems BSBHRMA Manage performance management systems BSBHRMA Manage workforce planning.

Assessment Task 1 BSBHRMB Human Resources needs and recommendations: After consulting the service and sales managers and review the political, economic, social and technological business environment, these are the HR needs and recommendations: It is necessary to hire people with high technical knowledge and experience in order to offer a.

Qualifications for Professionals. 3 Business BSB Diploma of Business 4 Assessment tasks may be applied to your current workplace, or they may be BSBHRMB Manage human resources services BSBHRMA Manage workforce planning BSBHRMB Manage .

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Assessment is . assessment material tailored specific to organisational needs. Please email [email protected] for a corporate proposal); BSBHRMB Manage Human Resources Services This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to .

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