Captiva conglomerate case study analysis

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Captiva conglomerate case study analysis

View Homework Help - ClarkM-Wk6-CaseStudy from PROC at Webster University. Captiva Conglomerate: Lesson Learned I. Major Facts The system is . Vivendi: Revitalizing a French Conglomerate (B) MENU. Revitalizing a French Conglomerate (B) case study. Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. WebSpective Software Inc. (B) case analysis, WebSpective Software Inc. (B) case study solution, WebSpective Software Inc. (B) xls file, WebSpective Software Inc. (B) excel file, Subjects Covered Applications Market research Marketing management Product development by Joseph B. Lassiter, Johanna Blaxall Source: Harvard Business Scho.

Case study solutions by top business students. Danaher — The Making of a Conglomerate Sometime in March ofthe CEO of Danaher Corporation was challenged on how to maintain the growth of the company which experienced changing world-wide economic circumstances and other economic challenges including pressure from low-cost producers, new competition, lower demand for company products, and others.

He was contemplating on whether he ought to change the company's strategy for growth or believe that he can attain the past successes of the company. What are the challenges Danaher is facing to sustain their growth and what should they do to keep it and grow? What strategy should they follow to balance organic and acquisition-oriented growth?

What should they do to evolve and maintain their unique company culture and business systems? February 2, Re: Danaher Corporation Executive Summary The most important challenge faced by the company is sustaining growth and particularly balancing organic and acquisition-oriented growth when faced with increased challenges to successful acquisitions.

Captiva conglomerate case study analysis

Danaher must overcome this challenge while simultaneously evolving and sustaining its unique company culture and business systems. The primary cause of this challenge is the growth of the private equity sector, as well as depletion of appropriate potential acquisition targets, particularly as mergers and acquisitions get more expensive.

Additionally, the slowing US and global economies put limits on organic growth. To address this challenge, Danaher should intentionally develop its brand while taking advantage of economies of scope, acquiring companies that provide cross-selling benefits across the industries where Danaher currently operates.

Danaher is unlike other conglomerates - rather than buying businesses simply to sell them, Danaher Corporation focuses on building companies with the Danaher Business System DBS and lean manufacturing practices.

Situation Overview The most important challenges faced by Danaher are sustaining growth and balancing organic and acquisition-oriented growth when faced with increased challenges to successful acquisitions. The corporation will have to use its cash flow for value-added acquisitions to maintain high growth rates.

Danaher has to actively search for new business targets while competing with private equity conglomerates like Bain Capital and the Blackstone Group.

Danaher must overcome all of these challenges while simultaneously sustaining the company culture and ensuring that kaizen continues to push strong performance across the corporation. However, if the company culture breaks down, Danaher risks losing its competitive advantage Exhibit 2.

The primary causes of the challenge of sustaining and balancing organic and acquisition-based growth are the expansion of the private equity firms, the depletion of potential acquisitions, and slowing cash flow.

Danaher is able to act upon both the depletion of potential acquisitions and the slowing of cash flow, but the firm does have less control over the expansion and growth of private equity firms. Private equity firms have vast amounts of capital to spend on acquisitions.

They also have the ability to more easily acquire bigger targets making it more difficult for Danaher to convert larger, older, and more well-established companies.

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This is coupled with slowing US and global economies which in turn limit natural organic growth. Action Overview To solve its growth challenges, Danaher should make the following changes to its strategy and tactics.


Proposed changes in the strategy: Invest more in horizontal diversification to utilize its synergies. Danaher should review its current businesses in order to assess tangible and intangible assets, particularly to identify industries where the corporation can manage at least Best decision to get my homework done faster and better.

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Captiva Conglomerate case. Perform an analysis and assessment of the case that addresses the following: o A summary of the major facts surrounding the case o A narrative discussion pointing out the major problem o List a minimum of 3 possible alternatives that Captiva can employ to resolve the problem and discuss the advantages and.

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Captiva Conglomerate Case Study Analysis Major Facts:?System specifications not clearly defined?Contract wording is partial to S. O. Software?Spares management module is a disaster?Spares management module currently complicated and un-useable/outdated?

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