Employability and professional development

The present report is prepared by me with an aim to judge my personal and professional skills. I am working in operations department of Wal-Mart, which is a multinational retail organization of America that runs warehouse stores and large discount department stores chains. Recently, the company has declared a vacancy for operations head and to apply for this post in the following paragraphs I am conducting evaluation of my skills or competencies in relation to requirements of this specific position. Development needs and the activities required to meet them GAP analysis has discovered my development needs and improvement in the areas that if developed properly would increase my productivity and through this I can make my own success in Wal-Mart.

Employability and professional development

First task would include enumerating the skills and competencies of an IT manager. We would also check the qualifications and responsibilities associated with an IT manager in RHA solutions. The effect of individual performance on the goals of organization would also be included.

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In the second task, we would talk about various ways of managing communications which can be used by an IT manager in different situations. We would also demonstrate various strategies of effective time management. Third task would include analysis on team dynamics, how different kinds of people come along and work as a team.

We would also discuss the alternative and effective ways of completing certain tasks. The final task would be dedicated to effective management skills shown by an IT manager at the time of crisis. This would be analysed based on an example. Suppose, we need to train the end users after a software is built and we have lesser number of trainers available.

We would analyse how the manager would react to it, and what could be the possible solutions and strategies to tackle the situation. Be able to take responsibility for own personal and professional development 1.

In this section of the report, we would demonstrate the parameters of skills, competencies, responsibilities and qualifications of an IT manager for RHA solutions Frenzel, Skills Good knowledge in handling technology based applications which are either machine specific or web-based.

An experience of at least 6 to 8 years in the field of information technology. Leadership skills should be very good, the individual should have crisp and impactful communication skills along with decent interpersonal skills. Competencies There are several categories of competencies for an IT manager.

IT manager should have a good knowledge of technicalities related to the task which he assigns to his subordinates. A good knowledge on the technical aspects helps the manager to lead by example at crunch times and it helps in keeping morale of the team very high.

Communication skills need to be perfect in order to convey the thought in an effective manner. Apart from that, convincing power and morale boosting communication are also essential, so that it helps the team in a positive way. Qualifications IT manager should be at least graduate in Information technology or Computer Sciences or any other branch of Engineering or technology.

Apart from that, a graduation or post-graduation in the subjects of management could come very handy in terms of commanding the subordinates. There should be a fair amount of experience in IT industry, so that the individual has good knowledge of the work done by the individuals under him.

Responsibilities IT manager is responsible for the output by the team at all times. It is the responsibility of an IT manager to keep everybody occupied and happy in the team, and should help in relaxing the environment of the team. The needs of the team members are taken care by the IT manager.

IT manager takes care of the conventions and the methods used in work and keeps track of any bad practice happening in the team. One key area is building successful relations with not only the team-mates, but also the senior level position holders. The utility of the individual must be recognized well and the visibility factor needs to be good for an IT manager to flourish in the organization.

At the time of performance evaluation, the appraisals received from the client side have maximum weights. Thus, during the face-off with the clients, an IT manager needs to be very sure of his communication abilities and should be very crisp in manipulating the clients and to keep them satisfied.

These are the key development needs of an IT manager Cheng, Current Performance The current performance is very essential in judging the future aspects and longevity of an IT manager. The feedback of a manager from the team-members is also very crucial. Apart from that, it needs to be analysed whether the manager and team has been equipped with latest technological warfare and how good their response is towards the changing technologies.

The overall output from the team and the contribution towards the organization is also essential.

Employability and professional development

Future Needs In the world of Information Technology, there is a change every day and the individuals involved in it need to be equipped with proper technologies.Employability and Professional Development.

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They provide further knowledge, hands on experience and identification skills in subject specific areas that have been highlighted by The National Environment Research Council (NERC) as most wanted by employees in the environmental sector.

Writing & Project Management Projects for $10 - $ Employability and Professional Development Please read the pdf file. Unit 3: Employability & Professional Development Courses - LCB IT Overview Two Assessments (assessment criteria) One Exam Course Aim To provide learners with the opportunity to acquire employability skills required for effective employment and to manage their own personal and professional development.

Professional development is the process of increasing one’s skills through training opportunities and reflection. Employers consider continued professional development to be an integral part of working within the childcare sector. Employability and Professional Development Courses SBCS offers opportunities for formal education in the form of academic and professional qualifications from some of the world’s leading universities and awarding bodies.

This case study is about the Employability and Professional Development module offered to first year Higher National Diploma (HND) and Higher National Certificate (HNC) students in the general areas of management and business at the University of Glamorgan.

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