How to get a high school

Is there more work? Will it be difficult going from being one of the oldest middle school students to one of the youngest high schoolers?

How to get a high school

If your child completes a high school-level text by a reputable publisher in an academic course math, science, English, foreign language, or historyconsider the material covered to be one credit. A one credit course typically requires one school year to complete.

A one-half credit academic course such as American Government or perhaps Constitutional Law typically requires one semester or one-half year to complete. Covering the material in a textbook does not necessarily mean doing every problem, answering every question, or reading the book from cover to cover, but you should diligently cover the material presented.

As an example, you may not spend as much time nor go into as much detail on the Vietnam War as you do on World War II, but you would still want to be certain that your child has an understanding of the main points regarding the Vietnam War.

How to get a high school

Let integrity be your guide. California residents may want to see the California supplement in the following book that explains credits in their state: For courses that do not use a standard high school-level textbook perhaps you are putting together your own unit study, or you are using an integrated curriculumlog the hours that your child spends completing the course work.

One credit is approximately hours of work. The upper end of this range hours is usually appropriate for lab science courses, while hours is the average for a year long academic course such as English or History.

Don't become legalistic in keeping track of each minute, but generally, when evaluating credit for an academic course, a good rule of thumb is 50 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 36 weeks, for a one-credit course.

Logging hours is a good method of determining credit for elective courses such as art, music, sewing, carpentry, web page design, etc. The lower end of the range hours is fine for elective courses. For a half-credit elective, log approximately 60 hours; for a quarter-credit elective, log approximately 30 hours.

If your child is enrolled in a course at a community college, you should keep in mind that a one-semester college course is comparable to a one-year high school course.

Therefore, if your child takes English for one semester at the community college and earns 3 college credits, this is comparable to satisfying a full-year, one-credit high school course.

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High school credits and college credits are calculated differently. College credits are determined by hours of instruction and don't equate to high school credits.

Local policies may differ so it is best to check with a specific college or state to see how they treat dual enrollment courses. For a more in-depth discussion of calculating and evaluating high school credits, the following are handy references:High School Diplomas Based on actual high schools from around the United States our High School Diplomas are the most authentic fake diploma designs avaiable.

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Fee Increase for Missouri High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) Beginning January 1, , the fee to take each of the five High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) subtests will increase by . First, contact your school, tell them that you are trying to get a copy of your high school diploma, and ask them how you can do that.

How to get a high school

If you aren’t sure which person you should speak to, contact the school’s main office, and they should be able to direct you from there. For students in grades , we offer more than online middle and high school courses—all free to Florida students.

There are plenty of good reasons to get your high school diploma as an adult. It can open doors to a new job or promotion, or help you get into college or the military. But before you start looking into your options, make sure you know how to spot a diploma scam. If you are a high school student and at least 16 years old, you can take classes at Highline College. Many students come to Highline to fulfill high school graduation requirement, satisfy prerequisites for another course, begin a college degree or for personal enrichment. Electronic Transcript Exchange is the most secure and inexpensive way for high schools to send electronic student transcripts to colleges and other established trading partners via .

With year-round, 24/7 access, you can complete courses on your schedule, finishing a course at an accelerated pace or taking extra time on difficult topics.

A high school diploma is an award given to students who complete the required coursework and credits for a secondary school program, which typically includes grades 9 through Students who.

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