Indicate a person who has had

What should a person do to cope up with low blood pressure?

Indicate a person who has had

Gethin's Grammar in Context Longmanp. Am I correct, or is it just a mistake? To make things worse, L. Sterne in his A Sentimental Journey, writes: It is used when the person is no longer in that place. Alexander, in Longman English Grammar: In your sentence"I have been in Stockholm since I last saw you," it may be that the speaker is answering the question "Where have you been?

Have you been away? Conversation 1 Where have you been?

Indicate a person who has had

I've been in Stockholm since I last saw you. I've also been in Copenhagen, Milan, and Barcelona. I just got back yesterday. In this case, "since I last saw you" marks a point of time - say, August 24, - and the speaker could have been in Stockholm for a week in October, for example, or for two days in November, or for the month of December.

The speaker could also say that he had been to Stockholm, and been to Copenhagen, Milan, and Barcelona. Or the speaker could be speaking from Stockholm, as in this conversation: Conversation 2 Where have you been?

I've been trying to get you for a week! I saw you in Berlin on August 24th, and I've been staying here with my sister ever since. In this case, "since I last saw you" marks the point of time that the speaker began staying in Stockholm, and is still there.

In this case, the speaker would not use "been to. For example, "I've been to the hospital" clearly indicates that the speaker has visited the hospital; "I've been in the hospital" means that the person has been a patient in the hospital. Your sentence from L. The context might show the responder to be in France now, or, to have recently been in France.

The sentence could also be, if it is known that the responder is elsewhere right now: It could also be that the questioner is elsewhere, though, and that only the one who is going to respond is actually in France at the moment.Interictal spikes are not actually seizures but they strongly indicate that the person has a tendency to have seizures.

They are considered the "smoking gun" of epilepsy. The EEG may also show changes that, when correlated with other clinical information, indicate that a seizure has occurred in the past. • Such statements, though frequently unjustified, indicate the extent to which rhetoric of this kind had become widely acceptable.

indicate (that) • In conclusion, one may say the Titan-Dionysos myth indicates a form of anthropological dualism in Orphism. But if I had to select one person, I would pick Robert Wolgemuth, my one-time boss, former business partner, and close friend.

Robert and I worked side-by-side for seventeen years. I saw him in the best of times and the worst of times. Aug 23,  · If the person has had a hemorrhagic stroke, the doctor may prescribe medication to lower their blood pressure.

She may also take the person off any antiplatelet medications or blood thinners.

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Surgery is a treatment option in some cases%(). Hematuria is the presence of blood in a person’s urine. The two types of hematuria are gross hematuria—when a person can see the blood in his or her urine microscopic hematuria—when a person cannot see the blood in his or her urine, yet it is seen under a microscope The urinary tract is the.


Indicate a person who has had

LOCAL JURISDICTION OF PUBLIC OFFENSES. NRS Jurisdiction of offense committed in State.. NRS Jurisdiction of offense commenced without, but consummated within, this State; consummation through agent.. NRS Act within this State culminating in crime in this or another state.

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