My journey my walk

The Oxford Dictionary states:

My journey my walk

I love teaching this play. During reading, we had one discussion about emerging themes. We discussed the definition of theme and went over tips for paying attention to the big issues in a work of literature.

Students identified issues that they thought might be important later on in the play. Once we finished reading, we were ready to explore theme in the play.

We discussed how many different works of literature may address a similar issue, but that each writer has a different take on the issue. I used a good old-fashioned gallery walk to engage my students with the issues in the play. All students took a marker from the box. Silently, they moved around to each poster and wrote down their ideas.

My journey my walk

They could write the following: When students arrived at a poster, they read all the comments that were already there and thought about what they could add.

Most students had time to visit each poster twice. Once back in the classroom, they took five sticky notes and wrote each issue at the top of the stickies. Then they thought about all that read and wrote during the gallery walk and wrote their own theme statements on the stickies.

Students tried to sum up in a sentence or two what they thought Fugard said about this issue. The gallery walk made students slow down and think before they wrote. Sometimes in class they might not truly hear what a classmate is saying.

Simple is super sometimes.

Soul Writer

This activity was a great foundation for the next assignment students got. They enjoyed seeing all their work displayed in class the next day and took time to really think about the big ideas in the play.Mar 15,  · My goal in sharing with you this story is to thank God and His providence in leading me in my journey as a follower of His Son, Jesus Christ, and to thank as well those whom God has used in helping me grow in the faith.

Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Valerie Caster (@walk_my_journey). I did go to my workout at BCS Fitness yesterday afternoon and boy howdy, that was a cold walk from my car to the gym!

I was happy to be there and get back to my normal workout routine, even knowing that I'd have an even colder walk back to my car when I was finished, thanks to being sweaty. After futile attempts to cope with my sorry, I started putting my feelings on paper making my grief visible. It allowed me to bear my pain, my broken heart and my empty soul.

If you are on have been on a similar journey I invite you to walk with me. When I started this long journey in my BMI was over Now it is and I am striving to have a normal BMI of 24 which puts my weight at so I need to lose another pounds.

I hope you will join me in this journey to lose weight so I can walk again for more than 3 to 4 minutes. My#journey#to#work#-#worksheets# Task 2 – Watch the video 1: order Anne’s journey to work Watch Anne talking about her journey to work. Put her journey in the correct order ().

a. I get off at Victoria. b. I change from the Northern Line to the Victoria Line.

My journey my walk

c. I take the train. d.

The Daily Walk - My journey through the Christian faith

I walk to the tube station. 1 e. I walk to the college.

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