Research paper on elderly people

Pay only for approved parts Academic Paper Sample: Depression in the Elderly Posted on January 9, by EssayShark Normally, aging is depicted as a time of reflection, rest and a chance to do things that one was unable to do during his youthful and young adulthood years due to career and family responsibilities. Nevertheless, this is not the case as various studies have shown that old age is associated with losses, including material loss, loss physical energy, loss of roles and responsibilities, loss of family members and friends among others.

Research paper on elderly people

In addition, elder abuse may include domestic violence. Elder abuse need not be intentionally inflicted through an action; neglect can also be a form of elder abuse.

In addition, elders can neglect themselves through the process of self-neglect. Caring for an elder can be a stressful responsibility, particularly for familial caregivers who have other responsibilities and may not have either the knowledge or skill necessary to adequately care for their elders.

While it is possible to understand the antecedents to abuse and neglect, this does not make them either excusable or acceptable. Suspected cases of abuse or neglect need to be reported to the proper authorities.

In addition, there are many programs available to help ease the caregiving burden and give elders the support or care that they need. Given the fact that many Americans feel that they are best defined by their career or job, the loss of status that accompanies aging, specifically retirement, is partially understandable.

To complicate matters, this loss of status is often accompanied by a concomitant loss of income, giving many elders a lower socioeconomic status than they once had. In fact, many social scientists have observed that there is age stratification within society in which different social roles are ascribed to individuals during different periods in their lives.

These roles are not necessarily based on their physical capabilities or constraints at different times in their lives.

Research: Comparative Study of Aging and Health in Asia

So, for example, despite elders' capabilities or desires, they may find themselves unable to continue to work due to ageism i. Some sociologists go so far to say that this is not only a natural process, but a desirable one as well. For example, the structural functionalist disengagement theory posits that society and the individual mutually severs many relationships during the aging process.

Role Reversal To make matters worse, as cognitive abilities and physical capabilities decline with old age, many elders who are parents find themselves in a situation of role reversal in which their children are now taking care of them.

When the caretaker is a member of the sandwich generation that needs to take care not only of its children but its parents as well, difficulties often arise. For most people, aging is a gradual and subtle process: Just as creaky joints and spreading waistlines do not happen overnight, so, too, the loss of cognitive abilities tends to be gradual.

The gradual changes of old age can be invisible not only to the person to which they are happening, but also to others around them. For example, one may find the need to occasionally run an errand for Mom and Dad as they age.

Research paper on elderly people

This task is usually easy to fit in with one's own errands and goes virtually unnoticed. However, as the parents continue to age, they may need increasing help with the instrumental activities of daily living such as going outside the home, light housework, preparing meals, taking medications in the manner prescribed, using the telephone, paying bills, and keeping track of money.

Research paper on elderly people

What started as an occasional errand and concomitant feeling of doing a good deed may soon become an onerous responsibility that seems to demand more and more time.

As the need for help with the instrumental activities of daily living segues into the need for help with the activities of daily living e. Elder Abuse Although it is easy to see why elders are often relegated to lower status positions or even abused or neglected, that does not make such actions either excusable or acceptable.

Elder abuse is defined as any form of mistreatment that results in harm or loss inflicted on an older person.Each year in the United States, 1 to 2 million adults older than age 65 are injured, exploited, or mistreated by their caregivers (National Research Council Panel to Review Risk and Prevalence of Elder Abuse and Neglect, ).

What do Self-Reports of Wellbeing Say about Life-Cycle Theory and Policy? Angus Deaton. NBER Working Paper No. Issued in March NBER Program(s):Aging, Health Economics, Public Economics I respond to Atkinson's plea to revive welfare economics, and to considering alternative ethical frameworks when making policy recommendations.

Sep 21,  · The Mini-Medical School is an invitational series of lectures about biomedical issues relating to aging which should be of interest to all non-medically trained scholars whose research relates to the aging process and the medical treatment of elderly.

Research topics on aging and the elderly June 18, / 1 Comment / in Medicine and Health Sciences, QTA Blog, Research Paper Help, Student resources / by Claire Moore If we live long enough then we all have something in common — aging. Literature Review of Elderly Care Studies.

This is a 4 page paper that provides an overview of elderly care. Two case studies involving the effect of calcium and vitamin D on bone density and preventive strategies to reduce elderly falls are examined. Free Elderly papers, essays, and research papers.

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What do Self-Reports of Wellbeing Say about Life-Cycle Theory and Policy?