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Stv and fptp essay writer

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The most often cited advantages are that: It provides a clear-cut choice for voters between two main parties. It gives stv and fptp essay writer to single-party governments. This state of affairs is praised for providing cabinets which are not shackled by the restraints of having to bargain with a minority coalition partner.

It gives rise to a coherent opposition in the legislature. In theory, the flip side of a strong single-party government is that the opposition is also given enough seats to perform a critical checking role and present itself as a realistic alternative to the government of the day.

It advantages broadly-based political parties. These parties can then field a diverse array of candidates for election. In Malaysia, for example, the Barisan Nasional government is made up of a broadly-based umbrella movement which fields Malay, Chinese, and Indian candidates in areas of various ethnic complexions.

It excludes extremist parties from representation in the legislature. By contrast, under a List PR system with a single national-level district and a large number of seats, a fraction of 1 per cent of the national vote can ensure representation in the legislature.

It promotes a link between constituents and their representatives, as it produces a legislature made up of representatives of geographical areas. Elected members represent defined areas of cities, towns, or regions rather than just party labels.

It allows voters to choose between people rather than just between parties. Voters can assess the performance of individual candidates rather than just having to accept a list of candidates presented by a party, as can happen under some List PR electoral systems.

It gives a chance for popular independent candidates to be elected. This may be particularly important in developing party systems, where politics still revolves more around extended ties of family, clan, or kinship and is not based on strong party political organizations.

Finally, FPTP systems are particularly praised for being simple to use and understand. A valid vote requires only one mark beside the name or symbol of one candidate. Even if the number of candidates on the ballot paper is large, the count is easy for electoral officials to conduct.

In the federal election in Canada, the Progressive Conservatives won 16 per cent of the votes but only 0. This is a pattern which is repeated time and time again under FPTP. It excludes minorities from fair representation. As a rule, under FPTP, parties put up the most broadly acceptable candidate in a particular district so as to avoid alienating the majority of electors.

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In consequence, if voting behaviour does dovetail with ethnic divisions, then the exclusion from representation of members of ethnic minority groups can be destabilizing for the political system as a whole.

It excludes women from the legislature. It can encourage the development of political parties based on clan, ethnicity or region, which may base their campaigns and policy platforms on conceptions that are attractive to the majority of people in their district or region but exclude or are hostile to others.

This has been an ongoing problem in African countries like Malawi and Kenya, where large communal groups tend to be regionally concentrated.

The country is thus divided into geographically separate party strongholds, with little incentive for parties to make appeals outside their home region and cultural—political base.

If a party has strong support in a particular part of a country, winning a plurality of votes, it will win all, or nearly all, of the seats in the legislature for that area. This both excludes minorities in that area from representation and reinforces the perception that politics is a battleground defined by who you are and where you live rather than what you believe in.

It leaves a large number of wasted votes which do not go towards the election of any candidate. This can be particularly dangerous if combined with regional fiefdoms, because minority party supporters in the region may begin to feel that they have no realistic hope of ever electing a candidate of their choice.

It can also be dangerous where alienation from the political system increases the likelihood that extremists will be able to mobilize anti-system movements.

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In the essay, “Consequences of the Alternative Vote,” Taylor Jackson and I examine poll data from the to elections to see if the outcome would be any different in an AV system than under FPTP. Stv and fptp essay writer. Kirtan kriya meditation research papers common port assignments xbox why you wish to become an english teacher essay climax in hamlet essay introductions?.

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stv and fptp essay writer

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