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The phone

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Format[ edit ] The two contestants have only a limited time of three hours to complete all assigned tasks, after which the prize, in a brief case is removed.

In the earlier format, three USB "thumb drives" are hidden at various points around the city. One commonly used site is one of the city's cathedrals. Each drive holds clues to the whereabouts of the brief case and these are revealed in the penultimate stage of the game where the "thumb drives" are plugged into a specially constructed display unit which is also on contact with the "Operator".

Final clues are given as images of the terrain close to where the brief case is physically located and locals of that city should be able to deduce the location from landmarks or other clues in the images. The fewer "thumb drives" found the fewer image clues given.

Both contestants are given access to the brief case at the conclusion of the game and often the "Operator" is seen in a vehicle nearby. Sometime during the series run The phone format was altered in a number of ways. The "thumb drives" were replaced by "S.

The phone

Any tasks not completed in the allotted time resulted in a call from the operator with an offer to sell the contestants the answer or a clue to the current task.

In this manner it is possible for the contestants to use up the entire prize pool. At the penultimate stage of the game the two contestants are separated by being locked into separate spaces such as prison cells or shipping containers. Each of these spaces has a specially constructed electronic lock which is only unlocked upon receipt three correct answers to questions with numerical answer the contestant must then enter into the "lock" by means of a numerical keypad.

The "lock" is also fitted with a small screen by which the operator interacts with the contestant.

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In the event of one contestant answering more questions correctly, they are released first to access the brief case, which is placed in some location which can only be accessed by specific means.

For example, on the opposite side of a canal and the contestant must use the dinghy provided. This newer format which potentially allows one contestant earlier access to the prize brings out the psycho-social issue of whether that contestant will be selfish or philanthropic towards the other contestant, a construct which compels one to watch.

Skills Required[ edit ] Clues, riddles and problems are presented to the contestants throughout the whole three-hour game. Some problems are of a mathematical or cryptographic nature, some are of a geographical or geospatial nature and yet others are of a historical or local-knowledge based nature.

Skills such as map reading and orienteering, pulling rowing a dinghy or climbing a rope ladder are required at various stages and are a mix of both mental and physical skills. Legal Issues[ edit ] The producers must have extensive insurance as quite a few potentially dangerous situations arise during the course of the game.

Most contestants seen in the aired show are young and fit, in the 25 to year-old age group and generally middle-class.

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The phone

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