The strong female characters in the novel so long a letter by mariama ba

What is more disheartening is the fact that men are protected implicitly by society at least the society that I know. Who is society after all? They have all the leadership roles in key positions, which allowed them to make the rules. What is feminism really?

The strong female characters in the novel so long a letter by mariama ba

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Apr 25, The novella is written in the form of a lengthy epistle from one woman, Ramatoulaye, to her beloved friend Aissatou. Like Ramatoulaye, Aissatou also is without her husband, Mawdo Ba, having divorced the man after his taking of a second wife.

The men both grow highly successful, Modou as a social promoter and ideologue for union workers, Mawdo Ba as a heavily sought after surgeon.

Ultimately, both men betray their wives by assuming co-wives, and much of the novel centers upon the different paths each woman takes in reaction to such betrayals. Throughout the novel, Ba effectively illustrates the challenges women faced in this steadily modernizing, post-colonial social context.

While in many ways thriving under this added pressure, the women face the added obstacle of negotiating their devout Muslim faith in a modern world.

To Ramatoulaye and Aissatou, the existence of a co-wife renders the emotional connection and devotion the partners have with one another meaningless. On one level, such a belief reveals an individualistic idea of love likely engendered through their Westernized schooling, and importantly, one unable to align with the Muslim practice of polygamy, an institution the women believe fractures strong marital bonds that hold the family together.

Such a message holds great value in the modern context, especially in post-colonial countries still struggling with issues of nationhood and national identity.

The strong female characters in the novel so long a letter by mariama ba

As such, the original text is recommended if possible. However, this slight detraction does not significantly mar this heartfelt novella - a deep, personal note that should appeal to readers the world-over.This book, So Long a Letter, originally written in French, won the first Noma Prize for Publishing in Africa in and is now considered as one of Africa's Best Books of the 20th book is basically a long series of lette Mariama Ba () was a .

Like the works of many other feminist African women writers, Ba's writing challenges many prevalent stereotypes that reinforce the African woman's acceptance of her "place" in society.

Her first novel, So Long a Letter (), which revealed her clarity of vision and persuasive rhetoric, is written in an epistolary style/5(14). Similarly, Victoria Neumark, writing for the Times Educational Supplement, praised Ba as “a Senegalese writer of rare talent,” and declared that So Long a Letter represented not an outburst of “shrill feminism” but rather, “a study in female dignity” (Neumark, p.

32). Its theme is the condition of women in Western African society.

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So Long a Letter, Mariama Bâ's first novel, is literally written as a long letter. As the novel begins, Ramatoulaye Fall is beginning a letter to her lifelong friend Aissatou Bâ. Nov 11,  · Published in , Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter recounts the stories of two women and their husbands, lifelong friends living in Senegal during the post-colonial period of .

The novel So Long A Letter, by Mariama Ba, is based on the Senegalese culture and shows how important tradition is in Africa.

The novel is a series of letters written by a recently widowed woman, Ramatoulaye, to her best friend Aissatou.

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