Write a christening card please touch

Then they read the names written by the wife. Heads mean that the story is true, tails - that the story is fabricated. After that the leader lifts the hat and all the players see - whether they were right or not. The player who is right gets a point.

Write a christening card please touch

Newborn baby boy wishes What to write in a christening card You are so brave that you come to this world. You will see that everything not to be as good as you want but remember — you have godparents. We will stay together with you! The whole life is still ahead of you.

You are worth the best.


Waiting to become a true godmother. This day will be unique! Now you will be honest as never before. Wish you to grow up a good person. Today is the beginning of your new life. Christening wishes You are so little person but you are so big star in our lives.

We are very happy and proud of you. Since today God will always accompany you. You are still unable to laugh but you crying out of happiness and fun.

Your godmother and godfather bless you. Now you are a real church-goer.

Christening messages

Wish you the best luck! Do not fear the ceremony. Wishes for christening day Let me touch and kiss your cheeks. Now you are holy child. This morning was so special and quiet. Everything is for your well-being! Hope that you will follow the steps of the God.

write a christening card please touch

Christening day quotes Wish you to be a person who feels and understands others. Only fullness of life can make you feel good.

You make our lives complete. Wish you the best of all! You are not alone in this world. We love you so much!

write a christening card please touch

Hope that nothing will change in the future. Christening greetings Now you became a big girl. You have to be ready for various world surprises. If it will be hard for you — I will be together with you!

They will always be pillar for you. I know that you will be protected from everything. Today is the first step into a real world! Happy christening day messages You are so small and powerless but you have a part of God. God will be close to you for entire your life.

You are a kid of God. God will always be part of you. I hope that God will always save you. You are my dearest!Lots of free christening card messages you can write in your card. Save time and effort by using our ready made messages in your next christening card.

We also have lots of other categories to always help you know what to write in your next greeting card. Nov 20,  · Ideas for what to write on a christening card? My boyfriends boss is having her son christened (I think her husband is Greek orthodox), I've never been to a christening or naming ceremony etc and have no idea what to write on the attheheels.com: Resolved.

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